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7 reviews for HYDRATING MASQUE

  1. Cindy Steinback

    All their products were right for me.. I really recommend them.. From the price to the effectiveness of the products are so worth it. Girls should try their products!

  2. Ruthie T.

    When I first purchased this product I found that it worked to give my skin a radiant boost. I love this stuff! Found this product after watching a video on skincare. Thought “what the heck” and glad I did!

  3. C&K

    Five stars are not enough. This stuff is awesome! I have had oily/acne-prone skin when I was younger. Now, especially in the winter, my skin can get red and dry. This stuff fixes dryness and soothes down redness in no time. I’ve even got my husband using it for his very dry/sensitive skin ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. zelda grain

    I am addicted to how it feels afterward… I put them on right before I go to sleep while I am reading books then wash them off when I am ready to go to sleep.. My skin still feels so hydrated the next morning. It does lock the moisture on your face… It’s not greasy, sticky, nor has color. You can literally go off and do your own thing. No one could tell you have the masque on – which is a plus for me like Lisa said… Highly recommend it for someone who’s looking for a hydrating masque.

  5. Niecey L.

    I have been using Hydrating Masque off and on for months now. I love them. I get great results. Consistent use yields beautiful skin. Make sure you buy the right products, so many choices so you can customize to your skinโ€™s needs. Love it, I always recommend this shop to my friends.

  6. Leslie Cage

    I’ve been using Hydrating Masque from this shop for like 1 yr now., I love this masque and is so hydrating…will continue to patronize this and a few other products…๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  7. loyal customer

    Arrived 4-5 days early! This is my 5th-time transaction and this shop never fails me. Got to use this for my cousin’s birthday after a very, very late night. Felt soooo luxurious. Skin felt great afterward and was supple but puffy. So happy to have this for the winter. A must-buy for girls!

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