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  1. Mary R.

    It was awesome. We are out so we are probably going to order some more. I and both my daughters used it and we all loved it. It hurts a bit when you pull it off but your skin feels so soft and fresh. It’s great!

  2. Samie R.

    I’ve bought this a couple of times already and will continue. It works great and really cleans your pores. The price is great compared to other products. This shop ships to you quickly and the product always comes in good condition.

  3. Savannah F.

    I have tried this masque and I must say I love it. I don’t have any blackheads but if you use this, your skin will feel so smooth after. Yes, if you use this bamboo charcoal masque, it will hurt when you pull it off but if you don’t have sensitive skin it will feel amazing afterward. It is similar to wax when it comes to pulling it from your skin but if you don’t mind a little bit of pain, then it’s totally worth it. If you want to have a regular charcoal mask get this which is a little bit cheaper but also very thick what makes it not glue to your skin and you can easily take it off. Great product to love!

  4. Felicia K.

    Okay, I should’ve known what I was getting myself into. a bamboo charcoal masque.. of course, it was gonna hurt. But it works. I had to figure out what was the best way to use it. After the second time, I realized put on a good amount where it’s kinda thick but not too thick. It makes it easier to peel off in one peel and gets all the blackheads. The best place to put it is on your nose going out towards your cheeks. Just be careful with peach fuzz it hurts a lot. Also, 30 minutes is a decent amount of time to wait before peeling.

  5. Mckinnon A.

    Crazy that this works but it zaps your blackheads, even stubborn ones that strip miss. It can also remove small hairs which is why the first application can be very painful. I used it in small areas first then I used it as a full T-zone mask. The second time was barely felt.

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