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8 reviews for PRE CLEANSING OIL

  1. Julia W.

    Really made my face feel really clean and removed eye makeup very quickly! I will be buying this again! Great service they have here!

  2. Jaime Jones

    This Pre-cleansing Oil wasn’t too expensive compared to how much I had already invested and since I was getting good results, why not. Now I am pretty sure I will always have this around. It is gentle and effective. I use it to remove my eye makeup. It breaks up my lipsense and that can come off because it breaks down everything. I consider this the key step to my whole facial regimen now.

  3. ellen dwane

    This removes everything on your face. I actually work in a warehouse and when I come home I use this. You should see the dust that just falls off. I use Oil and Breakouts Cleanser which I also got from this shop and when I added this to my routine the break outs stopped completely.

  4. alison

    Love this stuff! Certainly removes pretty much all make up before cleansing, impressed and will be buying bigger bottle if they have available.

  5. Rebecca K.

    I love this stuff. I’d gotten it from a facial and am hooked. It’s a relaxing, easy way to remove the first layer of grime without drying out your skin. I use it with the Super Fruits Exfoliating Masque and love them both. Actually, I love all their products.

  6. beautyhacker

    This is one of my favorite cleansers. It helps clean off my makeup and it helps with my slight breakouts. It’s a great product but it works very well.

  7. Naruto’s Wife

    I’m very happy with this purchase! I’ve been using Precleanse for a few years now and consider it a must to take off makeup and sunscreen. I use it with various Oil and Breakouts Cleanser and am totally converted to the “double cleanse.”

  8. INEZ Customer

    Great item. Fab smell. Works wonders removing makeup

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