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A sulfate free organic Aloe Vera cleanser loaded with high percentages of botanical ingredients. Organic Geranium produces remarkable results when it comes to eliminating scars and hyper pigmentation. Plant oils maintain integrity of the skin without stripping, and Lavender, Tea Tree, and Oregano effectively eliminate acne causing bacteria. Vitamin C works as a potent antioxidant while Gotu Kola and Burdock root stimulate collagen production. MSM repairs skin damage while driving ingredients deep into the skin for maximum efficacy.


  1. Maricar D.

    I’ve been using this product for a month and the oily spots I typically would have throughout the day have cut down to half. I am expecting this to be fully effective soonest. Packaging is great.

  2. liza mae

    I have combination skin, sometimes super dry or super oily or both and this wash does a great job at keeping my skin oil free without drying it. Fortunately I don’t suffer from too much acne but I believe this still does a good job and helping breakouts since it’s controlling the oil and clear breakouts. The items arrived early as expected.

  3. patricia bello

    I’m couldn’t be happier with this formula and it is a great price as well! Hasn’t dried my face out and has a sweet scent that I have noticed. Invest on this product and you’ll love buying more! The seller is very responsive. Great service!

  4. Wallace Duncan

    My teen loves this and can’t live without it. He has fairly sensitive skin and has not had any problems in the 3 months she’s used it. The packaging is nice and easy to use with one hand. There a sweet scent that I could detect. The Oil and Breakouts Cleanser was recommended to us by the reviewers from this shop. Purchasing here is a great choice treating my teenager’s acne. Good recommendation, for sure.

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