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This toner revitalizes the skin with Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid and over a dozen unique botanical actives including Camu Camú, Noni and Chamomile. Papaya Enzymes enhance exfoliation while skin is nourished, balanced and toned. Skin is perfectly prepared for enhanced absorption of serums and crèmes.


  1. Phuong Lee

    Unlike the other toners, this one doesn’t have an aggressive drying effect on my facial skin (which is super duper sensitive) but instead has a more gentle moisturizing effect and also a nice mild scent =) I’d highly recommend dripping about 4-5 drops of it onto a cotton pad and gently patting it onto your face after using your daily facial wash to re-moisturize your facial skin after washing and stripping the oil off of it. Skin will look cleaner, brighter and more hydrated after just a few minutes!

  2. Morgan

    I have SUPER sensitive, oily/combination skin and this toner didn’t burn at all! It smells nice and feels good to apply fresh out of the shower. I love INEZ Beauty Products. They’re super great for me and this toner is sensitive enough for my skin 🙂

  3. Janeleigh

    My mom asked me to order a few things for her due to COVID. She wanted this. She’s 98 in the photo. No work done. She said she uses this every morning. I ordered my own bottle. It is nice, doesn’t dry out my skin and has a nice mellow scent.

  4. ashley T.

    This stuff is amazing! I wish I had started using it sooner. I added it to my new daily skincare routine and after just a few days, my face looks and feels so much better. I have redness on my cheeks and nose thanks to the starting of rosacea, and I’m usually very sensitive to anything applied to my face. This toner soothes my skin after cleansing, smells great, and makes my skin feel amazing. I hydrate using Everyday Hydrator that I got from this shop after and it seems to be a winning combo with my picky skin. I wish I knew about this years ago!

  5. Ridenhour

    My wife ya gone through like15 or 20 bottles of this stuff over the past few months and she’s quite particular about skin stuff…very sensitive skin. So, that’s about as good an endorsement as you can get, considering the source of my information. Buy with confidence. If it suits my wife, it most likely won’t disappoint you either. I recommend this shop to everyone.

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