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Discover the secret to a timeless, flawless complexion with our revolutionary serum, specifically crafted to address your most pressing skin concerns. Bid farewell to fine lines and the visible signs of aging, all without the crutch of makeup or the fear of stripping your skin of its essential oils.

Infused with the powerhouse ingredient Vitamin C, our serum is not just a product, it’s a celebration of your skin’s natural beauty. Each application immerses your skin in a nourishing embrace, leaving it feeling rejuvenated and loved.

Embrace the future of skincare, where each drop of our anti-aging serum works tirelessly to reveal your skin’s true, age-defying radiance. It’s not just skincare; it’s your new daily ritual for a visibly younger, healthier complexion.

USAGE: Apply 4-6 drops to fingertips and smooth evenly onto cleansed skin, preferably at night-time but can be used in daytime. May use as spot treatment for spots and fine lines during the day. For external use only. Sunscreen use recommended after application during the day.

DURATION: If used this way, the product should last two months.

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  1. Old but Gold

    I saw results the next day!! I FINALLY GOT MY YOUTHFUL SKIN BACK ❤️ Since I’m now officially IN MY 40s, I noticed my face just wasn’t “looking right” (at least that’s what I kept telling my husband) But seriously, I’m going on day 3 and my skin is glowing with a smooth/soft texture! So much that I don’t have to wear foundation again!!

  2. Jessie W.

    Amazing value when compared to other brand name versions. Has all the same key ingredients, will definitely keep this on my reorder list. CE 20 Serum should be a key part of everyone’s daytime skincare regime. Glad I found this shop.

  3. Wanda Aimer

    I love this! Number one, it is so affordable and it has all the ingredients that the way overpriced CE 20 Serum has in it. You can feel your face tightening. The item arrived early than expected!

  4. Jane S.

    I’ve been using this product for two months and I can really appreciate the difference it’s made. My skin feels tighter and there are fewer noticeable fine lines. Great price for this quality product. I highly recommend trying this serum.

  5. Mertia Grande

    Love this product, my skin feels moist, firm, and NOT GREASY. I use it on my face, neck, and décolletage. Highly recommend it !!!

  6. Andie R.

    I’ve been using this serum for 2 weeks and the results are simply incredible! My skin feels supple and soft, which is no small feat considering how sensitive my skin is. Most products make me break out but not this one! I am so happy that I found Elizabeth’s Beauty Products because it will forever be one of my skincare staples. Seriously do yourself a favor and try this CE 20 serum out. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.. and for such a good price.

  7. deidre smith

    My skin professional recommended a CE 20 Serum with the exact ingredients I found in this product. I’m very excited to have found this and at a great price! I’ve begun using it daily and look forward to seeing the results. So far it’s lightweight and works well under my makeup.

  8. Ali

    “puffs out” small crows feet wrinkles around the eyes. with consistent use, results were noticeable in 10 days. will continue to use & monitor results. Male, 25 y/o, far complexion, medium-dry skin.

  9. jasnisr

    Great serum for fading blotchy skin! Great price! I will be reordering!

  10. SexySuade

    This is an exceptionally nice serum for the face and neck. I have tried many kinds and they were runny and thin, this has a bit of body to it, and a little goes a long way so don’t overdo it at first. It is incredible how soft this makes your skin. I put this on right away after my shower and give it a good chance to absorb and then follow up with day cream and makeup if I am wearing any for the day. The packaging outside as well as in is top-notch, too.

  11. Angela E.

    It takes a while to tell if a skincare product is working, but this CE 20 Serum goes on easily and feels great. I know the skin needs topical vitamin C, and while I am not sure what ferulic and hyaluronic acid is, my dermatologist said it was very good for the skin and all women must need this regimen for their skin.

  12. beautyisgold

    Phenomenal! According to my dermatologist, she says a CE-20 serum is a non-negotiable must-have in your regiment and this is incredible… use every day with the brighten-up the serum and it is like food for the face.. noticeable immediate results.. love the entire line!

  13. Rhodes Kent

    Soaks in fast, However, I like it because I see great results on my face. I could watch the improvement week by week. I apply as the first step after cleansing my face with Alpha Beta Cleanser I got from this shop.

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